In Overwhelm? A Happy Jig That Will Jog Your Reasons To Be Grateful.

Sometimes no matter how stressful life can be, we’ve just got to move to shake loose our gratitude – and our bodies. Brad & Matty remind us to ask ourselves, what are we grateful for today? For me it’s the … Continue reading

Work stress? Master Happiness Practitioners Make It Look Easy.

Have you ever felt like physical work or daily chores can be a drudge and oh, so dreary? Worried about your job? Suffering from work stress, job stress? In the military? Ever dreamed of escaping to a better life? Things … Continue reading

Flight Of The Conchords Flashback To The 70’s For Bowie & Fondue

If you haven’t seen Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, aka “Flight Of The Conchords”, before, they are transients from some parallel universe of humor. Good for you if you have nostalgia issues. To view the video for this post, click … Continue reading

We Never Could Get Enough Of Those Cute Foreign Cars.

In these days when the “Big 3” car companies are taking a bashing and road rage is a menace to us all, here’s a movie that transports us back to a happier time when cars could be innocent and fun. … Continue reading