Heart Problems? Laughter Proven to Help Your Blood Vessels Expand

Using laughter-provoking movies to gauge the effect of emotions on cardiovascular health, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have shown for the first time that laughter is linked to healthy function of blood vessels. Laughter … Continue reading

In A Funk? Physical Comedy Feels Good If Too Sedentary.

In “Jour de Fete” (1949) French comic Jacques Tati dances funny as a small town postman inspired by his sense of patriotism to emulate the hyper efficient US Postal Service.  Enjoy this sweet vignette of Tati’s classy style of physical … Continue reading

Depression? Play is New Cure, Revealed from Grow Your Green Business

“The opposite of play is depression.” In an article in Green Money Journal (www.greenmoneyjournal.com), the author made this statement that I thought was powerful: “For children, if they don’t have enough regular free play time, they get depressed, points out … Continue reading

Outrageous Humor Can Tickle Funny Bone.

More then forty years before yesterday’s post, “What’s So Funny About That”, Mel Brooks’ 1968 original movie of “The Producers” rocked the boat of humor conventions.  In fact we might never have seen it except for a weird twist of … Continue reading

How to Recover From Holiday Stress or even Depression

If you’re suffering from holiday stress or even depression, try watching this video without smiling, laughing, and feeling better. It’s a common problem. The holidays roll around and another year has passed us by. We think about departed friends and … Continue reading

Xmas Rip Off! Does Your Santa Need Rehabilitation?

Is Christmas being exploited? Has your Santa gone to the dark side?  Does he require rehabilitation from his selfish ways?  This year Christmas is all about giving and in “Bad Santa” a selfish St. Nick learns that, while it is … Continue reading

Feel Rejected By Your Family At Christmas? Do They Think You’re Weird?

Do you feel out of place at Christmas, like you don’t fit in when all you want to do is have fun?  Do you feel misunderstood?  Rejected by your family? In, “Elf”, a biological human socialized to elfin ways is … Continue reading

Line Of Credit Too Low? This Freezing Nuclear Family May Have The Answer.

In this clip from the English 1980s TV show, “The Young Ones” the cohabiting hippy, anarchist, teddy boy, and skin head seek an increase in hippy Neil’s (Nigel Planer) line of credit by writing to his bank manager.  Broke and … Continue reading

Three Women Empower Each Other To Be Completely Outrageous.

In “The Sweetest Thing”, Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, and Selma Blair conjure up a friendship that twinkles with fun, love, and outrageous behavior.  I think that this movie has the power to make over just about any mood you’d care … Continue reading