Reduce Cancer Pain & Fatigue? Research Says Try a Dose of Optimism

Cancer is a feared disease that can cause serious pain and fatigue in many people. A recent US research project on reducing pain and fatigue in cancer patients has revealed that a bright outlook truly does have a tangible benefit. … Continue reading

Christmas Shopping Stress Got You Down? Here are Five Last Minute Funny and Inspiring Gift Ideas for the Holidays

If you are among the many last minute holiday shoppers dreading a trip to your local big box store, and facing long lines is at the top of your must miss Christmas list, here’s some fun items you might want … Continue reading

Mumbai Doc Teaches “Happy Chemicals” of Laughter To Comedian John Cleese.

In this week following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, let’s not forget that Mumbai is also the home of Laughter Yoga.   The people of this city have been demonstrating that they will not be intimidated, by going about their lives … Continue reading

Cancer? How Humor Helped Dina Heal Her Tumor.

I (Susan) recently interviewed Dina Ferreira, a very attractive woman in her forties from Brazil, for my upcoming Inspirational Comedy book which explores the healing benefits of humor, laughter, fun and play.  She was diagnosed with an extremely serious form … Continue reading

In Overwhelm? A Happy Jig That Will Jog Your Reasons To Be Grateful.

Sometimes no matter how stressful life can be, we’ve just got to move to shake loose our gratitude – and our bodies. Brad & Matty remind us to ask ourselves, what are we grateful for today? For me it’s the … Continue reading