Stressed Out? Meditate with our Healer Cat, Oreo

Our healer cat, Oreo, teaches us how to de-stress.

When he was younger he used to play jokes on me, (Susan).
If he thought I was spending too many hours on the computer he would thump loudly up and down the stairs to try and drag me away from the computer to play with him – tried to get me to lighten up and play.  I miss him because he kept me laughing. Then he matured into a buddha cat.
Do you have any clown animals or healer animals in your menagerie?  We’d love to hear from you  because animals heal … they keep us de-stressed as you know!

We hope you enjoy this SIMPLE video of one very cool cat. By the way he was filmed by another cool cat.

posted by Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac

Release Stress, Have Fun, Prevent Humor-rhoids with Your Daily Laughsitive from Swami Beyondananda

To help you release stress, loosen up and lighten up, Swami Beyondananda has very generously donated his Daily Laughsitive to us for FREE.

He hopes that regular exposure to his daily laughsitives will help prevent all kinds of disorders
Let us know what moves you?

Our thanks go to Steve Bhaerman for his generous contribution because as we all know a happy digestion creates happy thoughts.

PS Watch out for Steve’s groundshaking new book with Bruce Lipton Ph.D “Spontaneous Evolution”

Posted by Dr Susan Lange, OMD., L.Ac

Because Your Laughter Heals!

Watch this Parrot Who Mistook Naturalist For His Wife.

British comic and commentator Steven Fry witnesses a bold effort by nature to broaden the avian and human gene pool. Good humored naturalist and potential genetic donor, Mark Carwardine, gives an excellent example of professional and selfless patience.

Inspired by Larry Gassan

Need some exercise? Try Ping Pong!

Exceptional Exhibition Play!

Orginal Source: YouTube

Contributed By Graeme Dinnen  – Imagine The Possibilities

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Mirthful Laughter Overcomes Indignation & Judgmental Attitude.

Never let a judgmental attitude spoil an opportunity to join in with the Spirit of Mirthful Laughter.

I ask myself: “what would I do if I ever found myself in this situation?”

I can imagine it:  there am I riding the subway to work in my usual urban way, minding my own business, maybe doing the crossword, when there is a disturbance in the car.  “What a nerve.” I think to my self.  “Who is that loud guy and what’s he laughing at?” “Nothing, and he won’t even stop his laughter either, even though everyone is trying to ignore him.” “Hrmph!”

But I have to admire his courage, or… Is it joy?  In which case, I really have to admit (only to myself, of course) that I envy his lightheartedness.

My lesson:  to instantly overcome my habit of indignation, because, I suspect that this laughing man doesn’t come around too often.  And his message:  to lighten up, (as in enlightenment).  Maybe even, just a little bit.

And perhaps I have already overlooked the chance to laugh with the such a mirthful minx at nothing, and maybe on more then one occasion.  Heavens!  What a curdling thought.  That I might have been too judgmental on the occasions when fate offered me a chance to laugh. To laugh infectiously, and just because.

Knowing myself, as I have been, this is probably the case.

So, right now I swear to laugh out loud and seize the gift of mirth when I am next graced with a visit by the spirit of laughter and glee.

What about you?


This is Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. reminding you that your laughter heals – you and others.

This was sent to me by my old friend Murray Feldman, founder and director of the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, a fine homeopath and teacher whom, I’m sure, would be right in there laughing along with this mirthful imp.


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Heart Problems? Laughter Proven to Help Your Blood Vessels Expand

Using laughter-provoking movies to gauge the effect of emotions on cardiovascular health, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have shown for the first time that laughter is linked to healthy function of blood vessels. Laughter appears to cause the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, the endothelium, to dilate or expand in order to increase blood flow.

The results of the study, conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center, were presented at the Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology on March 7, 2005, in Orlando, Florida. Continue reading

In A Funk? Physical Comedy Feels Good If Too Sedentary.

In “Jour de Fete” (1949) French comic Jacques Tati dances funny as a small town postman inspired by his sense of patriotism to emulate the hyper efficient US Postal Service.  Enjoy this sweet vignette of Tati’s classy style of physical comedy.

Doesn’t his improvised Jitterbuging Lindy Fox Hopscotch Trot (or what ever it is) look like fun?  It kind of feels good doesn’t it?  He’s charming and a pleasure to watch.  Maybe he stirs up that innocent spirit of fun that made us run, jump, and skip when we were kids, just because we felt like it.

My wife, Susan Lange, reminds me that fun and play is a good thing because it puts us into a pleasure state.  Can you remember back to a time when you were so happy that you couldn’t physically contain it?  A time when your happiness just bubbled up and you “did” something physically with your body?  Maybe you “jumped for joy.”

This is the question: when was it that you last jumped for joy?  If it’s been a while, then it’s probably been too long and now’s just as good a time as any for you to spring to your feet and jump as high as you can with a loud YIPPEE!

Doesn’t that feel good?

The reason it feels good is that you can lead your mind to joy by going through the physical motions of joy.  Physical play will make you happier.  Maybe you don’t feel like it right now.  Maybe you are saying to yourself that you aren’t in the mood to jump around and play.  I’d suggest that you not listen to that voice and just pretend that you are “in the mood”, even if it feels silly.  Try it and you’ll find that even the gloomiest funk can be turned on it’s head with regular fun and play.  Even exercise (the “mature” way to play) works to improve our mood.

Isn’t it true that you do some things, “just for the fun of it”.  Maybe now’s a good time to start doing more just for fun.

My advice is to practice fun and practice play.  With practice you’ll get real good at it, maybe even become a virtuoso of fun.  And, by the way, isn’t there kind of a spiritual ring to that word “practice?”

Could a spiritual realization be found in fun and play?  Hmm….

So what do you do for the fun of it?

Let me tell you what I have been doing.

I bought myself a skate board for my 51st. birthday.  I haven’t been on one of those for 40 years.  It’s a blast, and I love it, even if my friends and family fear for the health of my bones.

I’m teaching myself to juggle.  I have no idea if I’ll ever perfect this art of levity but it’s fun anyways.

Once I wrote a 15 minute comedy skit for me and some reluctant friends to perform in front of a real live audience.  You know what?  It actually worked.  People really laughed and we were all so buzzed afterward.

The kids in our family love it when we do puppet shows for them.  We love doing this for them and then watch the shows they do for us in return.


My wife Susan; she skips. She jumps up and down, spontaneously, and claps her hands with a huge grin on her face.  After all these years she still amazes me and my heart fills with love for her when she does this.  This feels extra good.

A friend of mine takes the warm freshly dried laundry from the dryer and envelops his little kids with it for a long cozy cuddle with their Daddy.  It’s a love fest and they all bond.

If you ask me, this is the memorable stuff of life.

Leave me a comment.  I would really like to know what you do for fun and how it makes you feel?


This is Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. reminding you that your laughter heals.

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Depression? Play is New Cure, Revealed from Grow Your Green Business

“The opposite of play is depression.”

In an article in Green Money Journal (, the author made this statement that I thought was powerful:

“For children, if they don’t have enough regular free play time, they get depressed, points out the editor of Green Money Journal.  So what about us grown up kids, especially typical American business people, who work – work – work all the time? We aren’t getting enough play time, either! (After all, who are we if not grown up children?)

So if you feel a little bit depressed (or a lot), consider how much play you are getting in. Of course I don’t mean playing in the sandbox or with your Tinker Toys (although I can enjoy a mean session of Tinker Toys with my niece!).

I mean whatever is play for you, whatever age you are.

And while “depression” can be a clinical term, I mean it here much more loosely, as in feeling a little bit down, a little like “what’s the point,” like there’s just too much to do. Or you keep asking yourself how can you ever get ahead.

As always, the answers are paradoxical. While we have to work to grow our business and change the world, we can’t succeed in our endeavors without enough play, either. Too much work does make Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl and just no fun to be around.

Fortunately as we make enough playtime a priority in our life, our perspective on everything changes for the better. The truth is, if you want to be successful at whatever your goals are, you have to play.

So ask yourself, are you getting enough playtime? If not, what is one single activity that is play for you? Is it something you can do today? Then make a decision to do it….Play!”

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This post by Jeff Hutner, Editor,

and Dr Susan Lange. OMD L.Ac   (All bold and italic type added by us)

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Inauguration Day 2009! Got Change… Got Hope… Got A Smile?

Smile, today is inauguration day, the 20th of January 2009, a day of change for all of us.  We are going to grow!

Today the United States transitions from the Bush era with it’s journey to “the dark side” to a time of “hope” with Barack Obama guiding us through change and towards a renewed unity between all folk.

Most of the world’s people are enjoying a sense of optimism with this change in the U.S.A. but some are not. Some will be nursing a regret as they witness the demise of an administration that represented a culture of entitlement and consumption.

It seems that a version of the American Dream is coming to an end, the version that encourages us to believe that the earth’s resources are everlasting and for us to use like the equity in our homes.

Over the coming years all of us will have to rethink our priorities and sort out our needs and our wants.

For some this will be a bitter task.

For all of you, who will shed a tear, rend your garments, and gnash your teeth at having to reduce, reuse, and recycle, I am pleased to offer the above item from a prior era.  An era perhaps similar to our own when our forbears had to tighten their belts and dig deep into their character: the great depression.

This familiar tune, sung here by Nat King Cole, was written by the comic genius, Charlie Chaplin with words by Turner and Parsons.

My hope today, is for all of those inclined to gloom on this occasion.  May this song inspire you to cheer up, like it must have for your own parents, grandparents, or great grandparents during their years of challenge and change.


Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. reminding you that your laughter heals.

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