Outrageous Humor Can Tickle Funny Bone.

More then forty years before yesterday’s post, “What’s So Funny About That”, Mel Brooks’ 1968 original movie of “The Producers” rocked the boat of humor conventions.  In fact we might never have seen it except for a weird twist of fate where by a studio projectionist put it up for Peter Sellers as a substitute for another movie the temperamental star was expecting.  Fortunately it had him and his entourage rolling in the aisles.  Without Sellers’ support this completely outrageous movie would probably never have found distribution and Mel Brooks might have taken a lot longer establishing himself as a Hollywood director.


Has been producer Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) and CPA Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder) hatch a get rich scheme.  They figure that if they get a bunch of old ladies to finance a Broadway musical by the nostalgic Nazi Franz Liebkind (Kennith Mars) they can produce the worst show ever seen causing it to be shut down and then walk away with the cash.

Only problem, their “bad taste” flop turns out to be a hit!


Zero Mostel, Kennith Mars, Gene Wilder. MPV.net


Memorable Quotes:

Franz Liebkind:  I am the author.  You are the audience.  I outrank you!

Singer:  Don’t be stupid, be a smarty.  Come and join the Nazi party.

Roger De Bris (Christopher Hewett):  Will the dancing Hitlers please wait in the wings?  We are only seeing singing Hitlers.

Max Bialystock:  How could this happen?  I was so careful.  I picked the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast.  Where did I go right?

Max Bialystock:  Here’s to failure.  Leo Bloom: …To failure.  Drunk (William Hickey):  Why, thank you! You’re very kind!


This is Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. reminding you that your laughter heals.

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What’s So Funny About That?

Laughing with you or laughing at you?  Check this out and…

… were you laughing?  Were you outraged?  What’s so funny about that?

If you’re asking you probably didn’t get it and that’s okay.  But this made me laugh, I’ll admit it.  Kind of a guilty laughter, here, alone with my P.C., but laughter none the less and I’m here to remind you all that laughter is a good thing for lots of good reasons, one of which is to not take things too seriously.

Especially the things that are really serious, like cancer.

In his memoir, “Cancer On $5 A Day”, comedian, Robert Schimmel describes his experience facing stage III non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and all it’s vicissitudes with humor.  When his oncologist gave him and his parents, both holocaust survivors, the bad news, the first thing out of his mouth was a joke, to which the doc replied “you’re going to be fine”.  “Why do you say that” asked our potential victim, “because”, said the doc, “of your attitude”.

That was close to nine years ago and he’s even had a child since then.

“Going for the laugh was his survival mechanism” and I think it’s safe to say that Robert Schimmel feels great with us laughing at him.  In fact you can do just that by tuning in his new television show, “Life Since Then” on Showtime.

This is Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. reminding you that your laughter heals.

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Taking Life Too Seriously? Try More Laughter Today with Tips from Laughter Coach, Dr Annette Goodheart

We take life way too seriously, if the following quote from laughter coach Annette Goodheart is true.  So why not try more laughter now by taking her advice?

“The average 5 year old in the U.S. laughs 400 times per day. The average adult laughs 15 times.”

In a recent interview for her book: “The P.L.A.Y. Formula: Boost Your Immune System in 4 Easy Steps”,  Dr. Susan Lange OMD, L.Ac. of the Meridian Center for Holistic Medicine in Santa Monica, California interviewed Dr. Annette Goodheart, a laughter coach with forty years of experience in the field.

Here are a few gems from the interview on the healing power of laughter:

  • One thing our family did every night at dinner was laugh. We laughed so hard we spit out our food, fell off our chairs and wet our pants.
  • Catharsis is nature or God’s way of resolving the imbalance in our chemistry because our emotions are chemical. If we do not re-balance them, and our culture teaches us us not to, then that imbalance stores and eventually becomes dis-ease. Infants and children expertly resolve this imbalance and return to a state of homeostasis. I believe this is the missing link in science, psycho-neuro-immunology and other emerging mind-body fields because we have so many myths and beliefs that are untrue, not just about laughter, but crying and most other emotional expressions as well. Remember that there’s no such thing as a bad emotion. All emotions are painful and need to be moved out through catharsis.
  • As a general rule, in Western culture, (only) women are allowed to lose control, but men have to be in control and it’s very frightening for many of them to lose it. It’s an actual loss of physical control. Most of us have laughed until we cried or fallen out of our chairs. You literally lose muscle control.
  • For people starting out on their laughing path, I suggest going into the bathroom by yourself, looking yourself in the eye in the mirror, and with your most serious face, saying “tee-hee” and see what happens. Spend time with friends who laugh a lot and laugh along with them. Don’t wait to find out why they’re laughing. You never have to have a reason to laugh.
  • The only thing that I would not recommend is laughing at ridicule or put down. Central Michigan University conducted a study that showed that people who use put downs or ridicule are sick more frequently and spend more time in hospitals than people who are witty. If a friend uses put down humor, I would not spend time laughing with them. Other than that, take every opportunity you can to laugh.
  • I used to and still do carry a red rubber nose in my car. When I drove to Los Angeles, I would put it on during rush hour traffic. I had more fun with the other cars. Half of them thought I was crazy and the other half were delighted and gave me the thumbs up.
  • I have a book called Laughter Therapy: How to Laugh About Everything in Your Life That is Not Really Funny. Everyone usually knows what they think is funny or can laugh at. But I help people laugh about things that aren’t funny and support them in re-balancing and resolving their pain. I’ve worked successfully with depression, AIDS, cancer, sexual abuse and other emotional and physical challenges. In addition to the book, I have CD’s, DVD’s, video tapes and cassettes available at my two websites, laughtercoach.com or teehee.com. And to sample a free laughter coaching demonstration, write Annette at teehee@teehee.com.

Interview by Dr. Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac   www.MeridianHolistic.com

Edited by Jeff Hutner,  www.newparadigmdigest.com

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Hung Up On The “Why Me” Question? You Are Not Alone.

Do you find yourself wrestling with the age old question of “why me?” Pacing your room? Floundering in the existential quagmire of who? what? where? when? and why? Well, you know what? It could be worse. You could, like this modern day Kant, be suffering your metaphysical dilemma in German the original language of angst.

So take heart and know that you are not alone!

Here you witness someone in the stammering throws of an existential anxiety attack.  But notice how Herr John J. has turned his discomfort into a cathartic German angst rap.  He may be squirrely but who isn’t in these freaky times when it can seem that all that’s left is the humor.  So if you’re in some similar fix to our rapping friend here maybe now is the time for you to also get creative, and find your own funky way to restore your spirits and your fun.
What could be more healthy then that and after all, could you do any worse than this?

Contributed by:  Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. reminding you that your laughter heals.

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Reduce Cancer Pain & Fatigue? Research Says Try a Dose of Optimism

Cancer is a feared disease that can cause serious pain and fatigue in many people. A recent US research project on reducing pain and fatigue in cancer patients has revealed that a bright outlook truly does have a tangible benefit. The Monty Python crew, in their hit song in “The Life of Brian”, ask us to “always look on the bright side of life”. They knew!

Cancer – A Feared Disease

There are many aspects of cancer which make it such a frightening disease. For example, it often does not exhibit symptoms until the time when most people think it is “too late” to do anything. This makes it almost a silent killer.

It can make people feel helpless, and cancer sometimes spreads very rapidly. It seems to afflict anyone, anywhere, too.

Then there is the little matter of the pain which cancer brings, in particular during its latter stages, and also for certain types of cancer, such as bone cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer.

The pain and fatigue which cancer patients often suffer from can badly affect their quality of life as well as their ability to function, not just physically, but also mentally.

Many protocols and therapies, both conventional and “alternative” medicine, are used to reduce and manage pain and fatigue caused by cancer. Some of these include pain-killing drugs, foot reflexology, massage and acupuncture.

Now, research conducted by Dr Margot E Kurtz and her team of colleagues from the Michigan State University in East Lansing has found that cancer patients with more optimistic outlooks were better able to manage their cancer pain, while those patients who had a strong sense of mastery, or control over their environment, experienced less severe fatigue on top of being able to better manage their pain.

Details of Study

The study looked at the personality traits, such as dispositional optimism and mastery, of 214 cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy, to see how they affect the patients’ ability to manage the severity of their cancer fatigue and pain.

Participants of the study were put through a 10-week symptom control intervention program, with the help of a nurse. They were interviewed three times – at the start of the study, after 10 weeks at the end of the intervention program, and again after 16 weeks, to get a sense of their emotional states.

Findings of Study

The study, which was published in the July 2008 issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, found that those participants who had higher levels of mastery reported feeling less severe pain as well as lower levels of fatigue.

On top of that, participants who had a more optimistic outlook also experienced less severe pain, although in this case, higher levels of optimism did not translate to less severe fatigue.

These findings were adjusted for other important factors, such as age, gender, cancer location, stage of the disease, and other health issues which may be afflicting the participants.

Additional findings of the study include less severe cancer pain for those patients who were older and those with fewer health issues on top of their cancer diagnosis, while the latter group also reported lower levels of fatigue.

Further, the study team reported not much difference in the degree of optimism and mastery detected between patients whose cancers were detected early and those who were suffering from late stage disease. This is an important point as it rules out, to some degree, the possibility that optimistic attitudes may have been caused by less severe disease and pain, rather than vice versa.

Along similar lines, it was found that the number of additional health issues on top of cancer did not seem to influence the baseline levels of optimism and mastery of the subjects.

What Can Be Done

The study team suggested that clinicians could look out for such traits in cancer patients, and work with them to help them use these traits to better cope with their cancer symptoms.

“These findings underscore the need for physicians and nurses involved in the care of cancer patients to recognize, encourage, promote, and take advantage of these traits in their patients to help them more effectively manage their cancer care, so that they ultimately can achieve a better quality of life during the sequelae of the cancer experience,” the study team concluded.

On a personal level, cancer patients and their loved ones need to do more to help improve the emotional outlooks of cancer sufferers. Read jokes, watch comedies, laugh, hang out with and talk to positive people, pray, meditate, go for counseling – do anything to raise one’s levels of optimism and mastery.

According to the finds of this Michigan study, this can help one deal with cancer pain and fatigue. In addition, much as some factions of conventional medicine may disagree, there are many of us who actually believe that such an outlook can in fact improve one’s chances of defeating the disease.

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From Natural News.com

Patient Optimism and Mastery — Do They Play a Role in Cancer Patients` Management of Pain and Fatigue? (http://www.jpsmjournal.com/article/S088…)00058-4/abstract)

This post by Jeff Hutner, Editor, www.newparadigmdigest.com

and Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac

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How to Recover From Holiday Stress or even Depression

If you’re suffering from holiday stress or even depression, try watching this video without smiling, laughing, and feeling better.

It’s a common problem. The holidays roll around and another year has passed us by. We think about departed friends and family, the way it used to be and our regrets at not completing projects or commitments we made during the year and before long, we feel sad, depressed or any number of other feelings. I can relate to this as I lost my father on December 7th and have been feeling up and down since then. The real problem with this exercise in futility is that nothing can change any of what may have gone wrong or bring back the people we love. Only by moving totally into the present moment and filling that moment with the best memories we have of the people in our lives and the things we managed to accomplish this year can we lift the emotions that sap us of energy and compromise our immune system.

At 101 Comedies That Heal, part of our mission is helping move our subscribers into the present moment and filling their eyes and ears with healing humor that contributes to a healthier immune system. So with that in mind, here’s a new discovery for you. Who knew getting validated after shopping could be such an uplifting experience? Enjoy this great video from award winning Writer, Director, and Composer, Kurt Kuenne. This video is one of You Tube’s hottest. Our thanks and appreciation to Karma Tube, a wonderful free source of uplifting videos. You might want to consider giving yourself the gift of a free subscription.

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Christmas Shopping Stress Got You Down? Here are Five Last Minute Funny and Inspiring Gift Ideas for the Holidays

If you are among the many last minute holiday shoppers dreading a trip to your local big box store, and facing long lines is at the top of your must miss Christmas list, here’s some fun items you might want to consider:

1. Ash Grey “You Rock” T-Shirt is the perfect holiday gift for anyone you hold dear. $17.99

2. Wassamatta U Hooded Sweatshirt is the perfect seasonal gift for a college bound senior or any academic type who could use a laugh. $36.99

3. If you or your friends are worried about how to survive the holidays, Comedy Kings offers endless hours of old-fashioned, side-splitting healing laughs with 50 classic comedy films digitally remastered in a 12 double-sided DVD set! Revisit timeless comedy legends Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Carole Lombard, Charlie Chaplin, Jimmy Durante and many more! Films include such treasures as The Inspector General, Life With Father, Nothing Sacred, Perils Of Pauline, The Kid, and Road To Bali. It’s an instant library of timeless fun! $20 at Betty’s Attic. This has to be one of the best buys in comedy DVD’s.

4.  Because Santa doesn’t have mapquest, this funny pillow makes a humorous gift that will become part of Christmas celebrations each year. $32 at Belmont Home Decor.

5. According to Jerry Seinfeld, Born Standing Up is one of the best books about comedy and being a comedian ever written. Steve’s memoir of his years in stand-up is candid, spectacularly amusing, and beautifully written. Born Standing Up is a superb testament to the sheer tenacity, focus, and daring of one of the greatest and most iconoclastic comedians of all time. If you’re looking for serious laughs during the  Christmas holidays, get this book. $13.50 at Borders.

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Xmas Rip Off! Does Your Santa Need Rehabilitation?

Is Christmas being exploited?

Has your Santa gone to the dark side?  Does he require rehabilitation from his selfish ways?  This year Christmas is all about giving and in “Bad Santa” a selfish St. Nick learns that, while it is nice to get (or take), generosity can feel strangely better.

Bad Santa – Willy (Billy Bob Thornton) is a lazy, alcoholic thief who exploits Christmas to pose as Santa Claus and rob shopping malls.  Over the years he and his thieving elf (Tony Cox) have stolen tons of money and merchandise but now as age is catching up with him he finds that he might be losing his criminal edge.  When the cops discover his motel room, he is forced to hide out with an odious 8 year old boy (Brett Kelly) who is so naive and full of the Christmas spirit that it almost drives Willy to insanity.

Memorable Quotes:

Willy: “I’m an eating, drinking, bleeping, bleeping Santa Claus.”

Sue: “So, do you like kids?”  Willy: “Bleep no, what do you think, I’m some kind of pervert or something?”

This adult comedy has been recomended by our friends Chelsea & Ed Turville.

This is Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. reminding you that your laughter heals.

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Feel Rejected By Your Family At Christmas? Do They Think You’re Weird?

Do you feel out of place at Christmas, like you don’t fit in when all you want to do is have fun?  Do you feel misunderstood?  Rejected by your family?

In, “Elf”, a biological human socialized to elfin ways is returned to his own kind who see him as some kind of weird alien.  How can this “elf” in yellow tights overcome rejection by his father and society?

What happens when a baby is raised by elves in the North Pole?  You get Buddy (Will Ferrell), a six foot three man who thinks he’s an elf.  So when Santa sends him to New York City to find his father, Walter Hobbs (James Caan), an uptight, workaholic who doesn’t even realize he has another kid, things don’t go quite as smoothly as one might hope.  Buddy roams around New York and discovers what it’s like to be a human while Walter tries to meet deadlines for work, once again abandoning his family.  But Buddy’s cheerfulness and Christmas spirit rubs off and Walter begins to reevaluate his priorities.  This is a charming Christmas story for all the family.

Memorable Quotes:

Buddy: The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

Buddy: We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.

Buddy: I think you’re really beautiful and I feel really warm when I’m around you and my tongue swells up.

Buddy: Actually, I’m a human, but I was raised by elves.  Carolyn: I’m a human… raised by humans.  Buddy: Cool.

This is Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. reminding you that your laughter heals.

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Stressed? Oprah’s Resident Skeptic Investigates Laughter Yoga Club.

Is Laughter Yoga one of Oprah’s favorites?

Oprah dispatches her makeup artist and designated skeptic, Reggie, to check out a local Laughter Yoga club.  See what her stressed out “resident complainer” has to say.  And then, maybe, try it out for yourself.

Memorable Quotes:

Oprah,”you did feel better?”

Skeptic Reggie, “stress lifted from my soul;  it lifted from my body.  I felt so much better”.

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